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3 Sonatas for harpsichord and violin

- Sonata in B minor H. 512 (Wq. 76)

- Sonata in F major H. 511 (Wq. 75)

- Sonata in C minor H. 514 (Wq. 78)

Geoffrey Thomas, harpsichord

Laszló Paulik, violin

1 CD


PC 17M4

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Serenata española

from the “Suite española op. 47“:

- Cuba

- Sevilla

- Castilla

Klaus and Rainer Feldmann, guitar duo

“ ... The Feldmann brothers’ interpretation seems so natural

and unforced that one is tempted to prefer this to the superb

recording by the Folkwang guitar duo ...”

(Klassik heute, 3/2001)

1 CD


PC 17M4


C O M P O S E R A / B


The NCA label has been in existence for almost 20 years now – and has become an integral part of the record producers and

manufacturers landscape in the meantime.

Co-operations with world-famous artists like the “Gewandhaus-Quartett”, Martin Haselböck, “Lautten Compagney” – and John

Malkovich, Gunter Schoss and the many others who should also be mentioned – have produced first-class artistic results and

many of the recordings have been WORLD PREMIERE RECORDINGS. As such these recordings have proven to be first-time

enrichments for production

repertoire – and absolute delicacies for lovers of classical music.

The label has paid tribute to a number of anniversaries through the production of spectacular editions; in 2009 for example, in

celebration of the 200th anniversary of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s

birthday – and in 2010, in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach’s birthday.Nevertheless, NCA also

devoted – and still devotes – its attention to the support and encouragement of young artists. Consequently the label’s repertoire

also includes recordings made by the young Moscow pianist Maria Tschershintseva (first prize piano and two special prizes at the

International Shostakovich Competition in Rheinsberg in 2006) and guitarist Magdalena Kaltcheva (various prizes – she was also

awarded the LIONS-CLUB KÖLN-COLONIA scholarship for highly-gifted students by the University of Music in Cologne).

Magdalena Kaltcheva soon made a name for herself following the success of her debut CD – and a second production followed.

During the coming years NCA will continue realising important and artistically exceptional projects, underlining the label’s

resolute pursuance of the ideas to which NCA has felt obliged ever since it was set up: an “Adventure” in the true sense of the word.

Klaus Feldmann, A&R Managing Director.